About New StockX

New Stockx Store is the best fake shoes and cheap reps sneakers website. New StockX was founded in 2017. We are committed to providing 1:1 replicas of best quality popular shoes at low prices for sneakerheads. The quality is almost exactly the same as the original products, so that more sneakerheads can easily enjoy best quality brand sneakers, such as Jordans, Dunk, Yeezys, Air Force 1, and others Nike, Adidas brands kicks.

New StockX Story
Our team is a group of people who love sneakers, and we also used to like StockX. After shopping on StockX for a while, we discovered an essential problem, that is, StockX does not design its business model from the perspective of customers, but based on promotional prices. In addition to being beneficial to sellers, In addition to selling at high prices, StockX itself can also earn higher returns, and often sells fake goods to consumers. Specifically, StockX has 6 drawbacks and challenges:

1). High Fees: StockX charges fees to both sellers and buyers, which can add to the overall cost of purchasing items. These fees can be relatively high, especially for high-value items.
2). Counterfeit Items: Although StockX has its own identification team, there is still a problem of Stockx fake products entering the market.
3). Quality Concerns: Buyers sometimes receive items that don't meet their expectations, either because the seller did not accurately describe the condition of the item or because the item was damaged during shipping.
4). Complex Returns: StockX has a somewhat complex return policy, which may require buyers to meet specific conditions and follow certain procedures, potentially causing inconvenience.
5). Privacy and Security Concerns: During the transaction process, buyers and sellers need to provide sensitive information, raising concerns about privacy and security, especially in an era of heightened online security risks.
6). Price Volatility: In order to obtain higher fee income, StockX consciously pushes prices to continue to rise. This is not good news for many ordinary consumers. The burden is getting bigger and bigger, and the shoes they like are increasingly unaffordable.

In order to avoid more shoe fans falling into the patterns and traps set by StockX, based on our love for shoes, we went deep into the production line to understand the shoe production process, production process, materials, storage, transportation, distribution, etc., and we decided to establish New StockX Store, creating our own factory in China's Nike and Adidas production base, we have a clear positioning: to provide 1:1 replicas of high-quality popular shoes at low prices, the quality is almost exactly the same as the original, so that more shoe fans can easily enjoy high quality brand shoes. To this end, we shape our New StockX advantages from three aspects: product, price, service, and brand, to provide customers with better experience and value.

New StockX Experience and Value

1. New StockX Products and Prices
In order to maintain a leading edge in products and prices, we have made a lot of efforts on production, we have our own factory with strict management in all aspects, from materials, technology, processes, product quality inspection, environment, skilled workers, team training and other aspects to ensure the production of the best quality products.
Our advantages are as follows:
1) We only offer best quality 1:1 replica shoes.

2) Tons of hot trends and popular brand shoes

3)Stable supply, no shortage of stock like StockX

4)Stable prices, no intentional price increases, no price speculation like StockX, prices are increased due to speculation.

New StockX Service
We have rich and complete solutions and capabilities in delivery, payment, customer service, website usage, returns and refunds, etc.
Our Service advantages are as follows:
1) Global delivery usually takes 7-15 working days, via DHL, USPS, Fedex, etc., learn more Delivery Policy, New StockX customer service tracks the package delivery throughout the process.

2) Provide free QC photo service after quality appraisal before shipment.

3) Packaging with original carton

4) Efficient payment, customers can complete payment through VISA, Master Card, Zelle, PayPal, BankTransfer, etc.

5) Efficient customer service experience, you can find customer service consultation and solve problems in time through WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail. 

6) Website shopping experience, you can place orders and complete payment at any time, no need to wait

7) Fund refunds, product returns and other after-sales guarantees, learn more return Policy

● Give you 100% security
New StockX has the most complete service terms. New StockX customer service tracks the package delivery throughout the process until the customer confirms the satisfactory receipt of the goods. You can also contact customer service through WhatsApp or Facebook at any time to efficiently answer your doubts. At present, New StockX purchase customer experience has 98% five-star praise rate.

New StockX Brand

New StockX Honor
My authorized brands StockxShoesVip, PKStockx, StockxKicks and other major communities have more than 600k fans in total. Exchange consumption experience for the same hobbies, and pursue a more pleasant consumption experience.
New Stockx 2022 Christmas/Black Friday website has more than 10,000 pageviews per minute. New Stockx thanks every customer for their loyal love.
New Stockx has been ranked among China's top ten shoe production factories for five consecutive years. It is one of the top five advanced technology production pioneer factories in China.

New StockX future development trend
The New Stockx more service module is coming soon. These include New StockX free shipping, New Stockx accessories and New Stockx membership three modules and etc.
New StockX accessories including (New Stockx SupBro, New StockX shoelace, New StockX stocking etc), New StockX clothes and so on.

In conclusion, New StockX Store is the best fake shoes and cheap reps sneakers website to buy replica 1:1 kicks, we provide best fake sneakers as the same StockX shoes quality. NewStockX is committed to offering the best quality replica sneakers to sneakerheads.